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          University Mail

                                  Mail Services Covid-19-2
                                                             **Click Here For Mail/Receiving Hours and Details**

          The University receives about 5,000 pieces of incoming mail from the post office each morning.

          It takes about 90 minutes to sort all of the mail, and then it is delivered to your department by the end of the day.

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          Please make sure to include your department name and suite number when you provide your DU mailing address.

          UPS and FedEx packages are received by central receiving, also known as the Warehouse. 

          As the mail is delivered to each department, outgoing mail will also by picked up.

          If your mail is not ready when we stop by, you can drop it off in the box located at our office at:

          4925 East Pacific Place, Denver, Colorado 80222

          Mail in the drop-off box is collected by the United States Postal Service Monday-Friday at 2:00 p.m.

          Please use the United States Postage Rates to determine how much your mailing will cost.

          First Class Stamps

          Order First Class Stamps:

          • Please call before 9:00 a.m. for same day delivery
          • Call 1-3187 with your FOAP information
          • Limited to 5 rolls of 100 stamps

           Please do not send personal items such as online catalog orders to the University.

          Mail Stop Code Information

          • For Mail Stop Information call: 1-3187. 

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